Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada

Over the years the Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada has accumulated quite an extensive library containing books, magazines and videos.  These have been donated and/or purchased by current or former club members.  Everything listed in the Club Library is available for check-out to our members.      

To check something out from the Club Library please click HERE or you can email our librarian, Dennis Johnson at  Please be sure to include all the information that pertains to book, magazine, etc... in your email.  Dennis will then bring it to the next meeting for you.

Don't forget to return what you have checked out when your allotted time is over because others may be waiting for it.  If you have a book that we don't have in our library and you're done with it you may donate it to the club.  If you need it again, just check it out.      

Club Library - Gold and Treasure Hunter Magazines

1994 - October, December

1995 - February, April, June, October, December

1993 - June, October

1996 - December

As always, if you plan on attending an outing and/or require directions to any of our claims please RSVP the President

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