Our meetings are located adjacent to the cafe on the first floor at Jokers Wild Casino in Henderson, NV. See the Join The Club page for directions and more information.

​​Well September is upon us which means it's time for our first outing of the 2017/2018 season.  The September outing will take place at the Lost Change (Old Section 28) claim over the weekend of September 23rd and 24th.  

Typically a few members will start showing up at the claim during the week leading up to the outing.  The majority of the prospecting usually takes place on Saturday with most members packed up and headed home by Noon on Sunday.

Starting this month the club sponsored lunch/potluck will be moved from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm (Nevada Time).  The new time will be on an experimental basis with the members having input.  This month the club will be serving tacos.  If you are participating in the potluck please bring enough food to cover approximately (10) people.  This way we can ensure there is enough to go around for everyone.  The club sponsored breakfast (loco-moco) will continue to be held at 9:00 am Sunday morning (Nevada Time).

Parking during some outings can get quite challenging in some cases so please park courteously.  Even though daytime temperatures are starting to come down, the weather is still quite hot.  Please be sure to bring a chair and plenty of water.  As always there will be GSSN signs put up at all major turns to assist in getting to the claim.  If you need further claim directions please email gssnrsvp@gmail.com.

To ensure we have enough food to go around we are requesting that you RSVP on or before Sunday, September 17, 2017 at gssnrsvp@gmail.com.  Please indicate the number of guests attending and if you will be there for one or two days to help us get an accurate count.  We have had outings where we ran out of food in the past.  Please be sure to RSVP.   


NEXT OUTING: September 2017


The next scheduled meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 @ 6:30pm at the Jokers Wild Casino in Henderson.  Please use the elevator located outside of the buffet entrance for access to the second floor.

Check the Coming Events page for details on invitations to other club events.

We have set up a trial web page for used equipment.  Click here to visit that page.

Snake Alert!!!!   Click here for photo.

The Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada would like to thank Larry Clay for his years as the club librarian.  We appreciate all your hard work.

George is looking into restarting a "Breakfast Club" style gathering.  If interested click here for more information.

News Alerts!!!
Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada

NEXT MEETING: October 2017

Please Use gssnrsvp@gmail.com to RSVP And All General Inquiries

The Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada currently has (2) puffers with batteries and chargers, (1) blower drywasher, (1) mini gold exorcist drywasher, (2) Desert Fox wheels and (1) highbanker available for check-out.  Let's get this stuff out there on the claims.  This equipment was purchased for members to use, so let's use it.  Get out there with some GSSN equipment and get your chunk of the gold.  I will be updating the Equipment Checkout page soon so check back often. 

NEXT OUTING: October 2014

There is new prospecting gear in the Equipment Checkout area.  We now have two Keene recirculating sluices and a Desert Fox.  For equipment checkout procedures please contact Ian @.

Next scheduled monthly meeting is Wednesday, November 6th.

The club would also like to thank Terry McConnell for making the vehicle placards and donating them to the club.  Hopefully his efforts will help any claim jumping.