3rd Place - 1/2 gram gold paydirt

Recent Raffle Winners

1st Place - 3 grams coarse gold

drawn once all tickets have been sold.

3. Please include your contact information on your ticket.

Keith Nari (Royal Dry Washer)

Chris Quick (YETI Tumbler)

1. Tickets for this raffle are $10 each and the winner will be

and 5 grams fine gold paydirt

Roger Chavez (YETI Can Insulator)

2nd Place - 1 gram gold paydirt

Melinda Woolman (YETI Tumbler)

Raffle Information

4. Tickets can be purchased at all meetings, outings, etc...

​​​Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada

Roger & Gail Chavez (YETI Tundra 35 Cooler)

2. You are not required to be present to win.

Title of the document Current Raffles

Keith & Lorraine Narmi (YETI Tundra 35 Cooler)

Eileen Flannery (YETI Can Insulator)

Title of the document $500 Value