The Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada has several pieces of prospecting equipment available to our members.  Because of the generosity of members, the Club equipment trailer is hauled out to our claims during most outings.  This equipment was purchased over the years for our members to use so let's use it.  Please see any Club officer if you would like to checkout a piece of equipment.


The December outing will take place at the Broken Step claim (Meadview, AZ) over the weekend of December 19th and 20th. Typically a few members will start showing up at the claim during the week leading up to the outing.  The majority of the prospecting usually takes place on Saturday with most members packed up and headed home by Noon on Sunday.

Parking during some outings can get quite challenging so please park courteously.  Even though daytime temperatures are starting to come down, the weather is still quite hot.  Please be sure to bring a chair and plenty of water.  As always there will be GSSN signs put up at all major turns to assist in getting to the claim.  If you need further claim directions please email

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NEXT OUTING: December 2020

Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada

Due to recent Covid 19 restrictions, our December meeting / Christmas party has been canceled.  Please check back often for any additional news and information.

The Club sponsored potluck is being held on Saturday at 3:00 PM (Nevada Time).  The food for the pot-luck this month will be hamburgers and hotdogs.  If you are participating in the pot-luck please bring enough food to cover approximately (10) people.  This way we can ensure there is enough to go around for everyone.  Due to COVID-19 we will NOT be having our Sunday morning club breakfast until further notice.

To ensure we have enough food to go around we are requesting that you RSVP on or before Sunday, December 13, 2020 by clicking HERE.  Please indicate the number of guests attending and if you will be there for one or two days to help us get an accurate count.  We have had outings where we ran out of food in the past.  Please be sure to RSVP.